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Lens - Movie Review

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Lens is a hard hitting movie with sheer raw content. India is the land of Kamasutra. But sexual crimes happen every day n every moment comparitively higher than few western countries where everything is open. Here instead of following the practices of our ancestors (don’t ask me what practices), we Indians impose restrictions on ourselves and even talking about sex becomes related to one's character leaving most of the people moving towards porn sites, and what is really happening inside every man is unknown even for his near and dears.


Arvind, a normal man whom we see in everyday life indulges in Voyeurism (An act of obtaining sexual pleasure by watching porns, seeing other's sexual activities, sexual chats...). In the name of business and privacy he spends time inside locked doors. Even his wife never has a clue about what’s going inside. The movie starts straight showing a frustrated wife with a girl kid, approaching her husband at midnight that is inside another closed room where a note sticked on it as "Knock the door ". When she shouts at him the reply comes as "...with U.S clients online...." But the next scene tells us what is in store...Arvind video chatting with a girl with his pants n underwear down and same on the other side.


Another friend request comes for Arvind in Facebook from a girl and he immediately accepts it and when the girl wants to chat with him, he starts his usual act. But there lies the trap which was cleverly laid by Yohan who catches Arvind with all the evidence of Voyeurism with all his brain.


What happens after that will hit most men hard and hard. The movie will shake u and make u speechless till the very end.


What makes "Lens" a great watch is it's never before content and the way the Director cum Hero Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan scripted and shot each n every moment of the movie which easily relates to most of the viewers. The unknown faces of the movie worked extremely well as we see them purely as characters and not as actors.


In the era of "SUCHI LEAKS " this movie comes as a slap on each n everyone's face who not only seeing other's private videos but unpardonably criticising them for their act instead of being shameful of themselves by intruding in other's bedroom.


"LENS" shows how the fast developing technologies like Mobile cameras, internet, social media, spy cameras makes people easily access to anything and everything and your bedroom could be watched by anyone and that anyone is no need to be a Physco or criminal but people around you who moves along with you and near you as very very normal people driven by sexual urges. It clearly showcases how Easy access to porn sites and social media like YouTube and face book shows its ugly face and can become a hell to you just with a tap of a button of a gadget which can intrude your bedrooms and bathrooms.


And the biggest strength of "Lens" is, it is never preachy even in a single scene. No advices, No preachy dialogues but what happens on screen shows the agony and pain of a woman who falls as a victim of such Voyeurism and reveals the faces of sex driven men.


The Director Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan who also acts as Arvind should be highly applauded and to be celebrated for taking this subject and presenting it with sheer brilliance and making a heavy impact on viewers. He not only touches the viewer's conscience but impacted it with guilt and fear.
The most shattering scene was when Julie, the Victim who can’t speak shows her suicide notes in front of the recording camera. Those words make us speechless and hit the viewer's inner conscience very very hard. The impact was huge and we can’t imagine a better way to show how the victim feels. It’s amazing that the director has shown his female lead as a woman who can’t speak but can understand. Her acts bluntly reflect her mentality which is beyond words and can never ever able to explain through dialogues. With an "A" certified tag the director could have gone further intent but he didnt.


The intent of the director is clear. Most of the men indulge in Voyeurism but whats the limit. Is watching porn sites normal? Is going beyond that and capturing other's sexual activities is abnormal? And going even beyond that and capturing even friend's wife is a Physcic disorder ? If so, what will you name those who don’t stop with that and going further extreme and uploading in porn sites and YouTube .


A Video once uploaded can never be stopped completely from people viewing it even if it is removed. The problem is not with gadgets but it lies in people's mind. The extraordinary interest shown in intruding other's bedrooms and spreading it and pushing the victim in to hell should be changed. No advice or preachments can bring the change. It should come within and if not then who knows even your wife can become a victim in future.


This is the warning and not message given by the director bluntly and boldly with crystal clear script. Hats off to Jayprakash Radhakrishnan and he deserves a standing ovation for this outstanding and extraordinary movie. And thanks Vetri Maran for releasing it .


LENS - Strictly not for Children and those who expect mass masalas. But A MUST...MUST..WATCH FOR ADULTS and those who crave for brilliant film making and intense contents.


My Rating - 4 / 5

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