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Kammattipadam - Visitor Review

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Kammattipadam is a raw, raging and realistic movie. The characters are dark and deep.


Special mention about Shaun Romy (One of the leading supermodels in Kerala) who de-glamourised herself and sported a tanned look to get into the skin of her character of a sub-urban young girl.


Usually, such raw movies would either be a cat and mouse  type story, the climax would end up in a big barren land with the blood stains of villain all over the hero's body while the hero poses with a huge knife when the credit rolls, the hero throughout the movie would be a misogynist ignoring the women and passing chauvinistic comments on them. This movie deals way differently from these stereotypes. The fact of recalling various episodes of the protagonist's life in a random manner gives a subtle touch to the hard subject.


Dulquer is as convincing as an angry young/middle-aged man as he was as a chocolate boy experimenting various levels of love in his earlier movies. His physical aesthetics/make-up as a middle-aged man wasn't convincing and natural though. The movie would have been appreciated at a much higher and different level if he himself had shed some weight and performed for the scenes covering his higher secondary school phase of his life in the movie, like what Suriya did in 'Vaaranam Aayiram'.


The highlight of Kammaattipadam is the supporting characters. The actors who played the role of 'Ganga' and Dulquer's don boss lived their characters. They have made the movie what it is.


Despite draggy second half and some untied loose ends, Kammaattipadam is a winner.

Siddharth Prasanna
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