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Kabali Tamil movie

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Good to see Rajini opting for a script that demands his emotions rather than plain heroism, which we have seen from him for many years.

Rajini's presence itself is sufficient to convey that scene to the audience. Rajini after Thalapathy has chosen heavier emoting script and completely surrendered to a two film old director Pa.Ranjith. It is crystal clear that Ranjith has not made any compromises in the script to suit superstar's image. The Rajini factor engages the audience to the maximum possible extent.

Ranjith has tried out a gangster template on the backdrop of Malaysian Tamizh people pains and their history. Though the movie reminds you heavily of many other gangster movies, yet it appeals fresh due to superstar. Murali's camera angles, Santhosh Narayanan's BGM and editor Praveen's packaging of scenes are laudable to a certain extent.


Ranjith's script definitely looks awesome on paper and he has tried his maximum with Rajini without any plain heroism. A well engaging first half is one such example. But the film settles into a predictable scale after a few minutes of second half. Ranjith has not fully etched out the Malaysian Tamil backdrop, villain characterization, which are essential to grip the audience. Ranjith's dialogues don't have much intensity to carry forward the screenplay.

Ranjith should have worked a lot more in channeling the link of each character with Kabali with intense bonds in a natural way. We should salute Rajini to work with such a very young team and allowing them to work independently.Hope Ranjith comes back with stronger intensity in Kabali 2.

Venkatesh Ramakrishnan
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