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Kabali - Music Review

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KABALI is the most expected album of the year.'Rajini' factor is the reason for the immense expectations. But 'Kabali' is more of Santhosh than Rajini.

A high energy song to define Rajini's mass. James Bond style of theme music for the Indian James Bond-Thalaivar. Santhosh has put in all of his efforts to fit this song in the places of Rajini's dialogues, walk and laughs. And he successfully lived up to the immense expectations people had on Theme music. Thanks to Arun Raja's killing voice which evokes every crazy Rajini fan. Rajini's dialogues in between add more goose bumps.Tremors are to be witnessed in theatres whenever 'Nerupu da' takes charge.

'Kabali is a Santhosh's album. Rajini is a part of it.'This song is an example for this statement.'Mayanadhi' is composed in Santhosh's style with a sweet and melodious tune.He is a 'master of melodies'.But most of his melodies are underrated.But 'Mayanadhi' has Rajini. Rajini's presence will surely make heads turn towards Santhosh. This song portrays a middle aged man's love and Ananthu's portions fill your heart with love.It will be a different experience to see Rajini in such normal situations of life.If Ranjith gives good visuals this song will be the showstealer and can go even ahead of the mighty 'Neruppu da'.

You will be blank when you listen this for first time.This song is situational and is set to create a bigger impact when watched in theatre along with the situation.Pradeep and Santhosh Narayanan are as good as Malaysia Vasudevan-Ilayaraja and SPB-Ar Rahman.They have created a magical ambience once again.Pradeep has given a low pitch voice to suit Rajini.His soul stirring voice suits  perfectly as a song potraying about a lost love/lost life.Lyrics add more value to this genuine composition.

Santhosh composed 'Nerupu da' for Rajini fans and 'Veera thurandhara' for himself(as he is a crazy and eerie music lover).He offers mass with a light beat western style of composition.How great it will be if Rajini plays a James bond or a God Father character??Santhosh brings in that feel through this westernized classic mix.Raps in the middle were catchy aswell.When too bored of the same old sounds, Santhosh delivers a different flavour to Rajinism.

An opening song of a Rajini movie will always have SPB in it and will focus on Rajini saying some advisory poems to his fans.For first time it is composed quite truly and differently.Santhosh broke the norms of  Rajini's build up songs and have set his own trademark style.Lyrics are well written and talks about universal things in a subtle way.'Mettukudyin koopadu ini naatukulley kekaathu' portion gives a great feel and whistle sounds in between gives a classy touch to this massy number.Rajini's charisma will add more class to this song.

Having Superstar as lead, one may try commercial ways of song composition. But Ranjith and Santhosh have ensured that there are no commercial compromisations. Thanks to Santhosh, for presenting 'Rajinisim' in a different style.

An album composed whole heartedly keeping visuals and situations in mind.

karunanidhi kannappan
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