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Director Raju Murugan has taken one of the nation's biggest sufferings of many lakhs of people that is toilets as core plot of the movie. 

The screenplay is very realistic, all the lead cast have delivered a very natural performance,
Raju Murugan has made a lighter take on inability of Indian democracy to upgrade the life of poor people in villages, this has helped the movie to not look like a documentary or a preachy feel,
He has to be highly motivated for such a daring attempt without using any commercial templates,
His dialogues throughout the movie are very intense, hard hitting, straight slaps on Indian democracy. 

Guru Somasundaram after his stunning debut as Kaalaiyan in Aranya Kaandam has once again done a memorable role in this movie.  Chezhian's use of helipad for that pappireddipatti village in Dharmapuri captures its nativity with such fragrance.  Sean Roldan's  BGM and songs are another attraction of Joker.  Raju Murugan's efforts in conveying the life of lakhs of poor people in villages are noble but he should have worked a lot more on the cohesiveness of various scenes with its emotional intensity to connect with the audience. 

For Raju Murugan's attempt of a social relevant theme carrying the life of lakhs of poor people, my personal rating is 3/5

Venkatesh Ramakrishnan
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