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The third avenger film from Marvel Studios and in a way it acts as a sequel to the Captain America Winter Soldier. One of the most anticipated films of the summer. This along with Batman vs Superman, the comparisons of course are unavoidable. As the next two films of the Avenger series moves towards the Infinity wars and Thanos, this would be a very important link movie in the series. As the title suggests, the movie centres on the very superheroes themselves and what they believe in and the theme of vigilantism. Although Batman v Superman tried to deal with similar themes, Civil War and the Russo's have come out successful.


The introduction of all superheroes are done dramatically well especially that of Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland and Chadwick Boseman. The much talked about airport fight scene does really dazzle on screen especially on an IMAX, since the aspect ratio changes, its even more big. The shaky cam used in the opening fight and the chases doesn’t really go down well with Avengers. The clarity of the fight choreography and the epic superhero moments are their trademark and i would want the Russo's to stick with that.


The Russo's have really produced a unique screenplay but more time could have been spent on the character motivations in the initial stages. Captain Rogers and Tony Stark have motivations and they take stands. The remaining merely support a side or the other. I really feel lot of it is in the editing room. This is by far the lengthiest Marvel feature and it couldn't have hurt to be 20 more minutes long. The post converted 3D really doesn’t add anything to the movie at all, it's best viewed in 2D format. The background score in the movie really didn't make any impression and was dull for most parts.


Since Joss Whendon who was at the helm for the earlier two Avenger movies didn't continue partially due to the interfere of the Studio in the Age of Ultron, the transformation to the Russo's have really been good. The tone of the series is changing and has been aptly brought to screen by writers, it is definitely a sign of things to come. Special mention to the whole spider man sequence which was awesome. Black Panther also made a mark with this movie. The performances in the movie is Avenger standard and Robert Downey JR is owning Iron Man in all the movies and this is no exception since he is at his nonchalant best in this portraying several shades. Chris Evans was very good in parts.


Captain America Civil War is a unique superhero film and kudos to the Russo's for showing some of our favourite superheroes up close and personal. There is no real winner here, not Team Cap nor Team Iron Man. The final act of the movie is done both dramatically and poignant at the same time and serves as a good setup for the arrival of Thanos. DC Comics along with Zack Snyder and David Ayer have a tough mountain to climb. They are pinning their hopes on Suicide Squad and Justice League. Marvel has one more winner in winner in Captain America Civil War and is sure to break the records of the summer blockbusters.

Sriraman Srinivasan
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