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“I Know I’m handsome and charming”, says Varun, the way he delivers this line induces a chuckle, but he manages to charm his way into our heart.


Kalaiyarasan delivers a neat performance as a visually challenged Chef Varun, the role is in complete contrast to his career-defining performance as Anbu in Madras.


The movie has nothing to do with Ravichandran starrer with the same title released in 1967.


A visually challenged chef and entrepreneur Varun falls in love with a girl who frequents his restaurant. He hardly knows her, but so what, love is blind and can take one to any length. Varun has a friend Sadhana played by Janani Iyer who also loves him.


Here the love could be for anyone or anything. This is the premise which director Rohin Venkatesan has explored in this neatly made predictable thriller.


Predictable right from Varun’s meeting his girl till climax. Neat, the director focuses only on what is required for the story and doesn’t deviate. However, the movie reminds two films for the plot and the modus operandi. One from the same production house and another Hollywood movie remade in Tamil & Hindi.


The humor quotient in the movie is effective without diluting the seriousness of the investigation. Bala Saravanan as police constable Panchu takes care of the comedy and also plays a vital role in the second half.


Janani Iyer as Sadhana looks cute and does her part though the character offers very little scope for performance.


The film belongs to Sshivada and she has come up with a knockout performance. But for her character, the film would have fallen flat.


Background score infuses energy whenever there is a lag and there are quite a few moments. The songs are good, adiyae nee kalavani is the pick of the lot. Though it reminds us of yeya en kottikara from Papanasam the whistle portion provides intrigue and the pitching elevates. The placement and the lyrics are perfect.


At 2 hours run time the movie looks slightly longer due to lags. A CV Kumar Production evokes interest. Adhe Kangal is a very good attempt but falls short when compared to earlier ones from the production house. It is not director’s fault that the standard was set so high by his predecessors.

Krishnan Varadharajan
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