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Spiderman: Homecoming

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The Marvel cinematic universe is rebooting the friendly neighborhood superhero to the big screen as part of the larger story arc which began with Civil War ending in Infinity Wars which will attract significant interest in the film other than the usual tingly spidey sensation which is enough to draw crowds to the cinema halls.

The usual controversy with respect to the lack of Marvel film’s ability to produce original and memorable scores also continues with the recent installment. Michael Giacchino known for his work in Lost and Pixar animated features manages to evoke nostalgia with the spider man theme but does not build on the same to produce a score capable of independent standing. The studio should stop directing music and allow composers to breathe. Nonetheless, the music director delivers what is generally expected from films of the genre.

Since the element of comedy is highlighted throughout the film, the editing of the film assumes importance in order for it to click with the wide spectrum of audience. The duo of Debbie Berman and Dan Lebental have done justice to the screenplay and the humor laced within it. The absence of high-speed cuts by & large and general clarity of the narrative structure especially in action set pieces needs to be recognized.

Cinematography by Salvatore Totino captures the conflict that lies within Peter Parker and the oozing teenage energy of his school friends to its fullest. Special mention to the car scene between Tom Holland and Michael Keaton and its lighting. The 3D work in the film also has worked to enhance the movie-going experience without being gimmicky while engaging the audience with the depth of the field and the vastness of the action/stunt settings. The film was brightly lit even in 3D which only a handful of major motion pictures have managed to achieve so far. The visual effects of the film also live up to the marvel gold standard set in previous films.

Despite the comparisons with Tobey Maguire’s version of Spiderman, Tom Holland has pulled off the role in his own style convincingly. Homecoming offers him the opportunity to explore the teen insecurity, the getting the grip of his powers part and Holland plays the part written for him to near perfection. Michael Keaton as Vulture was fantastic throughout the film and in some scenes, we could only hope that the CGI would make way for his performance more. Mr Keaton since his comeback with Birdman has been in exceptional form and the car scene is a testament to his ability as an actor. Only a handful of actors could have pulled off the scene with terrifying intensity as Keaton. Friends of Peter Parker at School are also perfectly cast which adds to the film in a big way.

Writing of the film is tonally different from Sam Raimi’s Spiderman because homecoming focuses more on the teen atmosphere, life at school and less of home & Aunt May. The film is also deliberately more comically inclined. The scale of the film also has been brought down a few notches except during action sequences to make it more grounded and different from others films of MCU.

The screenplay does its job of entertaining the audience from the word go, to literally the last frame of the film. The narrative is packaged well and it moves with requisite pace. But the scaling difference with action sequences while paying homage to earlier installments does not seem very innovative nor intriguing.

Certain plot points with regard to Stark’s personnel and the Avengers initiative operations are not justified/reasoned with. Robert Downey Jr himself is only used as crowd puller (Spiderman/Iron Man combo) rather than a character written into the screenplay. The build up to Infinity Wars in Both Homecoming and Guardians 2 have been very minimal not justifying Kevin Feige’s broad story arc narrative.

People’s favorite web slinger is back with Spiderman Homecoming which is funny, engaging and with great performances from Protagonist & Antagonist, MCU serves up one more well-made summer entertainer for everyone.

Sriraman Srinivasan
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