2017 Hollywood Summer Blockbusters What to Expect?

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2017 Hollywood Summer Blockbusters What to Expect?

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2017 promises some of the biggest summer blockbusters produced from Hollywood. May - July will witness huge releases one after another relentlessly. What follows is a list of movies to watch out for in no particular order:


May 5 - Guardians of Galaxy- Volume 2
The show kicks off with the second part of the hugely entertaining and successful feature film from Marvel. The film boasts some of the best visuals effects ever made on screen, the makers claim. Since it's now confirmed that the guardians will be part of Avengers Infinity War (2018), the added curiosity as how they will fit in the MCU and Thanos storyline makes it even more exciting. Almost, a guaranteed blockbuster.


May 12 - King Arthur
A big budget fantasy adventure from Warner Brothers. Movies of this genre generally fall in the ‘hit or miss’ category. But the USP of the film is its Director Guy Ritchie who is best known for his work in Snatch and Sherlock Holmes. How he approaches this script and genre will be fascinating to witness. If this succeeds, this could be the beginning of a series of films expanding the fantasy world its set in.


May 19 - Alien: Covenant
After the lacklustre outing in Promotheus, Ridley Scott is back to the cult franchise he once helmed. Starring James Franco and Michael Fassbender, the trailer and the footage shown in Cinemacon clearly shows that the veteran at the age of 79 wants to scare the audience and push them to the edge with this sci fi motion picture. This movie may not be for everyone. After the successful Martian, Ridley Scott may have stumbled upon new found vigour.


May 26 - Pirates of Caribbean 5
Captain Jack Sparrow is back in what may very well be his final outing. The movie in itself is a sort of reboot of the earlier films of the franchise trying to cash in on the popularity, almost an afterthought. Disney is assured of a massive opening once again to one of the highest grossing film franchises of all time. A witty and funny Johnny Depp may be perfect for this summer if they manage to weave a convincing story around him.


June 2 - Wonder Woman
DC comics are raising their stake with this character which first appeared in Batman Vs Superman and made quite the impression. Gal Gadot is owning her role and that's a huge positive for the franchise. This film also being a origin story makes it even more intriguing since this will throw much more light on the character before Justice League later this year. This may very well turn out to be DC's dark horse of 2017.


June 16 - Cars 3
Disney - Pixar's hugely successful animated franchise is extended with this film. The beloved Lighting Mcqueen is back. The trailer has created huge anticipation for the film and the premise of the film is also nicely set up with Mcqueen braving it out with a new generation of cars. With Brain Fee and his impressive track record of animated directorials, this movie is sure set the box office registers ringing.


June - The Book of Henry
Naomi Watts teams with Jacob Tremblay (Room) with this movie written and directed by relatively lesser known names. In the midst of the all the humongous super hero films, this movie if it hits the right chords may become successful as the core story is about the relationship of mother with her children however the trailer is not very encouraging.


June - Beguiled
Sofia Coppola (daughter of Legendary Francis Ford Coppola) known for her work in lost in translation is directing and adapting the novel for big screen. The period western drama boasts of glittering cast including Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning and Colin Farrel. This is not a typical summer movie and timing of its release is surprising. Nevertheless, a film that promises to engage the movie lovers. It may not open wide in India by June.


July 7 - Spiderman Homecoming
Marvel is releasing two films this summer. Starring Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man along with the titular character is sure to attract people across all age groups. The thing which is pretty exciting for me is to see how Michael Keaton known for performances in Birdman, Spotlight (both ground breaking, academy award winning films) would play the villain (Vulture) in this movie. Although, Mr Keaton has played Batman in the 80's, it will be interesting to see how he switches over to the other side of the aisle. The aftermath of Captain America: Civil War and how Tony is handling it leading up to Infinity War is something to watch out f0r.


July 7 - A Ghost Story
This film has been getting great feedback and reviews from various screenings and film festivals. Starring Casey Affleck fresh off the best actor Oscar and Rooney Mara, this film in drama fantasy genre may not fit the summer blockbuster bill yet it is expected to make an impression as a solid film making effort. The premise of the film throws light on the intense and exploratory nature of the screenplay. This movie may not come out in India in July.


July 14 - War for the Planet of Apes
The earlier outings of the film have not been great when it comes to telling a story. With a new directing and writing crew, this movie also is most likely to fall in the same category. From the trailer, the scintillating visual effects and extraordinary motion capture for Caesar (Andy Serkis) is evident. This movie may surprise everyone if it manages to narrate a simple yet gripping tale since all other elements needed for a summer blockbuster are abundantly present.


July 21 - Dunkirk
A Christopher Nolan movie. I need not say more. One of the most anticipated films of the year. As a fan, the prospect to witness an Original Screenplay written and directed by Nolan is exciting since he used to collaborate with his brother Jonathan Nolan/ David Goyer in his earlier works when it comes to screenplay. The film based on true events set during World War II has a star studded cast including Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. This movie has used IMAX cameras the most than ever before and the teaser footage is simply jaw dropping. The director describes this movie to be visceral experience for the audience. Save your date for this one folks !!


Stephen King's much awaited Dark Tower starring Idris Elba and Matthew Mcconaughey has been postponed from July and thus moves out of the summer blockbuster slot. I do not expect anything of substance from the Mummy reboot and new Transformers movie from Michael Bay due for release this summer.


Happy movie going folks!!

Sriraman Srinivasan
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