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When beauty meets talent, which is a rare bread to find out. Thankfully we have Sshivada who impressed one and all with a natural performance in Nedunchalai. The pretty actress who won critical appreciation for her debut film is all set to make her footing strong in the land of Kollywood with the release of her next film Zero. Here in an exclusive chat with Avinash Pandian, she shares her opinion about Zero and her future projects.
''It is a rumor''

It’s been 2 years since the release of Nedunchalai we saw you on screen. Why is this gap between Nedunchalai and Zero?

I did not want to be type casted 

The roles that people offered me were pretty much on the same lines as Nedunchalai. They wanted me to be the typical village girl and I wanted to do different kinds of characters and did not want to be type casted. We’ve been working on Zero for the past 1 year and meanwhile I did a Malayalam film Su Su Sudhi Valmeekam which was a superhit in Kerala and even got a good response in Chennai. So I’ve been doing films, but I’m just a little choosy.


Zero is a supernatural thriller. I play a character called Priya, someone who is very artistic. If you could peep into her house, you could find stuff only those are handmade by her. Zero has been in the production for over a year, but my shoot portions were around 60 days and we had breaks in between.

You say it is a supernatural thriller but all the songs are so soulful and mellifluous...

The core base of the film is love. Zero’s script revolves around the love story that takes place between Bala (Ashwin Kakumanu) and Priya (Me). The concept of the film is that no matter what evil power comes in between, a true love will always win.

A word or two about Nivas Prasanna’s music. What is your pick from the album?

Nivas has just rocked it completely. I love one of the patos songs but there is one song that doesn’t feature in the album which is my favourite.

How challenging was Zero as compared to Nedunchalai? Did you dub for your role?

Zero was equally challenging 

I’d say it was equally challenging. The film also has CG works so we we’d have to emote keeping all that in mind. But I cannot compare my performance in Nedunchalai with Zero, as they are in a different stream altogether. It definitely wasn’t an easy film.

Speaking of CG, how much off computer graphics are involved in the film?

Quite a bit and it travels with the script. I haven’t watched the full film but for the few rushes and my dubbing scenes. But I’m sure the director must have put the technology into good use.

About your costumes in the film?

Not sure how many people would recognize me as the girl they saw with a half saree and a ‘pavadai’ in Nedunchalai.

Totally different from what I wore in my previous film. Not sure how many people would recognize me as the girl they saw with a half saree and a ‘pavadai’ in Nedunchalai.  National Award winning Poornima Ramasamy was my costume designer in Zero. There aren’t fancy costumes for me here. The costumes were designed purely based on the script.

How cool is your co-star, Ashwin Kakumanu?

He is such a sweet person, very supportive and caring. Zero is only my second Tamil film and he has acted in a handful of films already. There were occasions when we had to go for more than two retakes because of me. Ashwin never made a fuss about it and he was all the while encouraging me to give my best.

Your director Shiv Mohaa?

From Western music to our Ilayaraja sir’s songs

He is a visionary. He always roams around wearing his headphones listening to some sound. His playlist will have some random songs ranging from Western music to our Ilayaraja sir’s songs. Even while explaining a scene to us he uses his sounds as a reference. Like some directors, he doesn’t act and show us how it needs to be done but he conveys his expectations through his sound collections. He has been working so hard on Zero script. I wish he makes it big one day.

Anything else that you want to talk about Zero?

It is one of those fun teams to work with. Almost all the members who were a part of the crew are pretty much in the 30s so it was very easy to move with. There is so much effort that has gone into the project, be it Nivas’ music, Sudharshan’s editing or Babu Kumar’s cinematography. The visuals shown in the trailer are already making waves. Babu’s work in the film is sure to be one of the standout points of the film. So we have done our part. Let us hope that the audience likes it as well.

You have been shuffling between Mollywood and Kollywood. What difference do you find between the two industries?

The way people look at a star in Tamil Nadu is different from Kerala.

One of the major differences I would say is how people look at a star. In Tamil Nadu the audience showers so much of love at you which is so sweet of them and it also pressurizes you to work harder. Whereas in Malayalam industry people consider us like a girl next door. The overall set atmosphere is different.

Why do you think Malayalam films are made in quick span whereas Tamil films take a considerable production time? Are they more planned? Do they put the pre-production phase into full effect?

Tamil films have a bigger market and bigger production budget.

We have experimental films in both the languages and the audiences of both these industries are the most welcoming when it comes to innovative ideas. But I somehow feel Tamil directors are a little more experimental and they take more time to execute a project. Plus the Tamil films have a bigger market and bigger production budget. So you have grand sets, lavish song sequences which you don’t find in Malayalam films much. Having said that, there are Tamil films that have been made in a quick time.

Your upcoming films?

I’m currently shooting for a Malayalam film called Idi co-starring Jayasurya. Then I have two Tamil films, Vallavanukku Vallavan and Muran director Rajan Madhav’s Kattam.

What about Dharma Durai?

It is a rumor

I’m not part of Dharma Durai. It is a rumor. I don’t know how people connected me with the project; I wasn’t even approached in the first place.

Any actor you would like to work with?

No, I don’t have any preferences. I’m open to act with anyone. I wouldn’t pick one name say Vijay or Ajith. I would just love to work with all of them.

Your recent favourite?

That would be The Revenant. We wish you all the best Sshivada and may all your dreams come true!

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