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Representing India at international fronts, model Ashima Narwal has won several awards like Miss Sydney Australia Elegance 2015, Miss India 2015 (Global). Elegant and beautiful, Ashima Narwal was all smiles throughout the interview
It all started with Theri

What made you choose this career? Who inspired you to take up modelling?

The Indian Cricket team inspired me.

The Indian Cricket team. They were on a tour to Australia. I waited for a few hours to meet them. While I was waiting, the thought struck me that it would be awesome to be someone, who people would love to meet irrespective of the waiting hours. Just kidding. This was just a random incident but what really pushed me was my New Year Resolution. I didn’t want to have regrets once I’m old. I then decided to give it a shot and decided that I will be telling my grandchildren all these stories .

How did you go about it?

In order to succeed you must be someone who can dream beyond the limits.

I visualised my dreams and painted a picture of my dreams. I realised that in order to succeed you must be someone who can dream beyond the limits. I told my family and friends about my dream and aspirations. And with their immense support I followed my dreams. Luckily, by God’s grace I started getting a lot of opportunities.

Can you tell us about each stage of your career?

Initially I never wanted to be an actress

Initially I never wanted to be an actress. I wanted to pursue only modelling since I loved posing before the camera. I was really confident about modelling but many photographers suggested that my face is expressive. Although initially I refused, a lot of feedback started flowing in with similar suggestions that I should give acting a shot. The modelling platform provided me the urge to try my hand at acting and continue my modelling career in India. At the end of last year, I finally did a music video and now people can peek a look into my acting capabilities. I’m in Chennai now honing my acting skills, learning classical dance and perfecting my Tamil.

Can you brief us on your accomplishments?

I went to meet the P.M of Australia.

It all started in a salon. I mentioned to my hairdresser that I had plans of becoming a model. She advised me to enroll in a pageant competition. I was reluctant since it was well past the deadline dates. But then she called someone who works for the pageant competition who encouraged me to try it. I not only participated in the competition but also went on to win my first title, Miss Sydney Australia Elegance 2015. After winning the title, I modelled for a few other organisations and events. I also went on to meet the Prime Minister of Australia. It was for a good cause related to preserving the environment and it was really exciting to meet him. I then applied to participate in the Miss Global competition. It is there that I got to represent India and I was really proud of representing India on international fronts.

Tell us more about yourself?

Maybe if I had pursued my higher education in India, I would have become an engineer or a doctor.

I was born in India. I pursued my higher education in Australia. Maybe if I had pursued my higher education in India, I would have become an engineer or doctor (laughs). I’m like a global citizen who loves the whole world and believe that one shouldn’t funnel out the love for individual nations. The world is like a book and I don’t want to restrict myself to one page.

Your insight on Kollywood?

I was one of the trending topics in Chennai, thanks to a picture

It is a great experience to be closely associated with Kollywood. I have met quite a few people. It all started with the premier of the movie “Theri” where I met a couple of people who told me about Twitter’s reach. I then tweeted about Vijay’s Theri and posted a pic with a T-Shirt of Theri. It got so viral that I was one of the trending topics in Chennai. I couldn’t believe my eyes since it had been only a few days since I created a Twitter account. I then got a DM from A.R.Murugadoss, who had asked me to share my number with him. I was so excited about  A.R.Murugadoss following me. Then I got in touch with him and we have been discussing about a few projects.

A word or two about the projects in your pipeline?

I have got a few projects in my alley but they have to take a solid shape. I am waiting for more projects to come through which will help me nail the right coin.



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