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With a notable performance in Bala’s Tharai Thappattai, he made one wonder whether this was his debut movie. Just like how he added a comic shade to his antagonist role in the film, R.K.Suresh added a comic flavour to every question of ours.
''Vijay Sethupathi dons 5 avatars in Dharmadurai''

Tell us about your career?

I was offered a role in Pudhupettai as one of the gangsters but later turned it down on my dad’s advice.

I was seeking for a chance to start off my acting career. I was offered a role in Pudhupettai as one of the gangsters but later turned it down on my dad’s advice. I decided to become a distributor for gaining better knowledge about the film industry. I happened to meet Bala sir one day and told him about how, as a distributor, Paradesi was profitable to me. I then asked him for a chance in his movie. After a few days, Bala sir called to inform the good news that I’m a part of his next movie.That’s how my acting career began.

How was your experience working with Bala Sir?

He is a very jovial person who never gets tensed or worked up. In fact his humor quotient is top notch. His comebacks are funny, quick and spontaneous

Bala sir can fledge out a complete actor from anyone. You have to surrender yourself to Bala sir. And he will shape you up; like sculpting out fresh clay. He is a man of discipline and everyone maintains pin drop silence in his set. But guess what? He is a very jovial person who never gets tensed or worked up. In fact his humor quotient is top notch. His comebacks are funny, quick and spontaneous. He cracks jokes very often and one will surely enjoy working with him .

How delighted are you to work with Vijay Sethupathi?

Vijay Sethupathi belongs to the category of actors like Balaya Sir, Shivaji Sir, M.R.Radha Sir

There are a few extraordinary artists like Sivaji sir, M.R.Radha sir, Balaya sir, Kamal sir, etc. I wouldn’t be kidding you if I said he belongs to this category. This chap has given such a marvellous performance in Dharmadurai that I was dumbstruck. He has donned 5 hats- he fills in the shoes of 5 different avatars. And for each avatar he not only adopted different modulations but also played every avatar with ease. This is not only Vijay Sethupathi’s favourite movie but also Seenu Ramasamy’s best movie till date. It’s a lifetime movie that no one would like to miss and I’m delighted to be the producer of this movie.

A bull has featured in the promotional poster and stills of Dharmadurai. What’s the importance of the bull in Dharmadurai?

Bulls have always been an integral part of our Tamil culture and traditions. Even today in many villages a bull is considered as a part of their families . We wanted a bull to feature in at least one frame. And that’s how the bull came into the picture.

Tell us about Maruthu?

It will be similar to Sandakozhi if not better

I got the chance to act in Maruthu even before Thara Thappatai released. Sasikumar had mentioned about my performance to Muthiah. Muthiah called me and told me about the movie. After a long time, the Tamil audience will get to see a film which is affined to nativity and has the spice of the native flavour. It will be similar to Sandakozhi, if not better and will be as explosive as a chain of crackers.

How was it working with Vishal?

Vishal is aggressive in whichever tasks he takes up

Vishal is a gem of a person who provides immense support to his co-artists. And he not only portrays this supportive behaviour with his co-artists but also with everyone. If he sees any suffering he will step into the field, without any second thoughts about it. He is proactive in whichever tasks he takes up. Naturally, he is extremely active when it comes to addressing issues or helping out those who are in need of aid too. He doesn’t like people sleeping on the platform and has often funded donations on the spot, not only to those who are underprivileged but also to those who are in need of it . He has built around 30-40 toilets for the people of Rajapalayam and has sponsored the education of a lot of children.The so called dispute between Ajith sir and him is just a product of rumor and is laughable because they are actually close friends. And when it comes to lending a helping hand, both of them have a big heart.

Vishal has taken a strong stand against piracy by raiding the shops. Similarly Gnanavel Raja fasted against piracy of 24. What strategies in your opinion would be effective in fighting piracy?

Fan clubs are enough to root out piracy

Out of the movie viewing audience only around 30 % come to the theatres. Nowadays many movies are setting box office records. If movies are able to gross 100 crores in no time with just 30 % of the viewing audience, imagine the box office records that Tamil cinema would break if piracy is rooted out. Previously only camera prints were available. Nowadays thanks to FMS and internet culture we have so many options ranging from 5.1 to 4K print. Piracy is not a widespread concern in other states. Fan clubs of our actors are enough to fight piracy and if they get into the battle then we can abolish piracy in our state too. An active and a strong stand is required from everyone who represents the film industry.

What’s your dream role?

Vikram's Pithamagan role

I have always wanted to do a role similar to that of Vikram’s role in Pithamagan.

On what basis do you choose movies to distribute?    

Ranjith has an active pulse in the market now

One of the reasons is the director. Another is the cast. But the main reason is the pulse of the premise. For example, Ranjith has an active pulse in the market now. A director who has done good movies and someone who has worked to the expectations of Rajini Sir. Similarly, Vijay Sethupathi. Vijay Sethupathi is a big name in the industry now. Everyone knows that if you give him a proper role he will do full justice to that role and give a sensational performance which will sculpt a perpetual impression that is simply hard to forget. It’s all about the talk and faith in the project.

As a distributor have you felt “I missed this golden opportunity. I should have undertaken the distribution for this film”?  

Sathuranga Vettai and Pichaikaaran.

Yes. Quite often actually. The classic examples would be Sathuranga Vettai and Pichaikaaran.

Tell us about your future projects?

I’m producing a movie with my nephew in the lead role. I play the role of a cop in it and I’m very excited about this movie as the genre is along the lines of Kadhal. The movie is directed by Prem, an assistant of Muthiah sir. In another project, I’m donning the role of a villain against a top hero.



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