Interview Team : Avinash Pandian, Ashok Kumar, Venkat, Jyothsna
He may be just four films old but his work in this short span of time speaks volumes. One of the major highlights that people comment of Theri is the visual brilliance produced from the camera of this young cinematographer  George C Williams. Behindwoods correspondent, Avinash Pandian catches up with George for a casual chat.
''Kaththi and Theri are very contrasting scripts and how Vijay sir has handled them is mind blowing.''

The visuals that we get to see from the trailer and the lyric videos are just extraordinary. Looks to be one of the best ever for a Vijay film. How different is Theri compared to your previous films - visuals wise?

I always set the colour scheme and the look and feel for the film based on the script. Theri is a cop script with action, romance and family drama. Each portion had to be treated in a different manner. Beyond these, it's all God's grace. I am nothing.

Tell us something about the underwater scene in the film with deep stereovisions. The expectation for that scene is pretty huge already. How has it come out?

I know you are eager to know lots about Theri. If I reveal everything now it's going to burst your bubble. But for sure the underwater sequence is one of the biggest in the film; lots of planning and hard work have gone into it. I will definitely talk more about this sequence later.

The cameras used in Theri?

The film was shot on Arri Alexa XT, few scenes were shot with Red dragon.

How useful was Nikolaj Najdenov contribution with his skates? To what an extent will his contribution be? Was it just for the one fight sequence in the bridge or will Nikolaj have more scope in the film?

Nikolaj Najdenov on his skates matched the car's speed.

Nikolaj Najdenov with his team Gang 3000 from Bulgaria worked in one chase sequence and a bridge sequence. They are extremely talented and hard working. Their planning is impeccable. Nikolaj Najdenov on his skates matched the car's speed and brilliantly handled the camera.

Are you really short tempered like Atlee mentioned at the audio launch of Theri?

I am prudent and strict when it comes to work.

Hahaha!!! Maybe!! I am prudent and strict when it comes to work and it's important to hold your ground. We do have fun on the sets but not at the cost of film making and I don't like to compromise.

You are hardly 5 films old, but to have worked twice already with a superstar like Vijay, how do you feel?

Each film is different and I enjoyed working in them. Kaththi and Theri are very contrasting scripts and how Vijay sir has handled them is mind blowing. He is a brilliant actor. There are times when I actually wonder and I can’t believe what's happening around me. God has been good to me. I owe it all to him. What else can I say "I'm blessed".

Looks like you have a special bonding with Atlee. I personally feel you give your best to Atlee. Why is that? Is Atlee a good task master who extracts work well from his team? Does he have a vision and insist to go by his instincts or does he give you complete freedom and get the best out of you?

Atlee gives me complete freedom not only in lights and camera department but also in finalizing the costumes, colours, sets and also choosing the locations. We've known each other from our struggling days and it’s easy to communicate and its easier when there's good understanding.

The film which challenged you and creatively satisfied you the most. The challenges that you faced while shooting Theri? I feel Nainika must have been a challenge? Any external challenges like climate or any other factors?

The extreme climate was very challenging

Each film is a challenge and I'm definitely not creatively satisfied yet. While shooting Theri, the extreme climate was very challenging - The hot sun in Goa, the cold, chilly climate in Leh-Ladak and also the rain effect during the Chennai floods in December.

Any scene which Vijay found it challenging and took many takes, either in Kaththi or Theri?

Vijay handles the scenes that we think are difficult, with ease and comfort.

Like I said earlier Vijay sir is a brilliant actor apart from his dancing skills and singing, his acting stands out. Kaththi had two characters and my favourite was Jeeva, Vijay sir gave his all for that character. He handles the scenes that we think are difficult, with ease and comfort.

One actor that you find easy working with?

Actors are always easy to work with. It's the others who make it difficult. Hahahaha...

How confident are you with the outcome of Theri? Describe Theri in one word?

We as a team are very happy about the outcome, lot of hard work, money, time and effort have gone in to it and I can't wait to see it on the screens with the fans. In two words Theri is a "Wholesome Entertainer".



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