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Censor Rating : U
Sherlock Toms (aka) Sherlock Tomss review
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Production: Prem Menon
Cast: Biju Menon, Miya George , Salim Kumar, Sohanlal, Srinda Ashab, Suresh Krishna, Vijaya Raghavan
Direction: Shafi
Screenplay: Sachy, Shafi
Story: Sachy, Shafi
Music: Bijibal
Background score: Bijibal
Cinematography: Alby
Dialogues: Shafi
Editing: Sajan
Art direction: Sujith Raghav
Singers: Afsal, Najim Arshad, Sannidhanandan, Udhayan
Lyrics: Harinarayanan
Distribution: Global United Media

Biju Menon has now transformed from being a character actor to a lead hero after back to back successes, and his fan base is strengthening exponentially with every film. This time he has joined hands with director Shafi, and it means guaranteed entertainment. Shafi has co-written the screenplay with writers Sachy and Najeem Koya, who have also been credited with the story.


Sherlock Toms, the name itself generated a curiosity in the masses as it resembles Sherlock Holmes. Having Srinda Ashab, Miya George and Salim Kumar in pivotal roles, the movie has been produced by Prem Menon under the banner Global United Media.


Young Thomas Joy (Biju Menon) is an avid follower of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's world famous investigative stories having Sherlock Holmes as the lead character. His friends call him 'Sherlock Toms' due to his keen observation skills. Even after facing some hiccups in life at a very young age he grows up to be an IRS officer but ends up having a troubled relationship with his wife. The sharp and shrewd Toms hits a new low when a raid and an operation planned by him sinks without a trace. Will Sherlock come out of this unharmed? Or will he perish? The climax is the answer to all these questions.


The highlights of the movie are

Biju Menon's scintillating performance
Continued outburst of humour
Rafi, Salim Kumar and Kalabhavan Shajohn's hilarious comedy timing.


As said earlier humour in Sherlock Toms is of top quality, but apart from having a strong grip on the ability to tickle, at times the screenplay loses control and becomes lagging. A performance by a band in the middle of chaos was where the writers lost total control of the film, and the situation on reel parted away from its real-life counterpart. Even though this is not his best work, direction by Shafi was pretty decent and enjoyable.


Biju Menon is the man who keeps the audience glued to their seats for 2 hours and 38 minutes. His screen presence and quick-witted dialogue delivery hold the film tight even when the screenplay becomes unrigorous. Kalabhavan Shajohn, Rafi and Salim Kumar were fabulous to watch and fit perfectly into the film cracking quick wits and inventing different ways to create humour. Srinda Arhaan delivers a decent performance.


Alby's camera gives a good visualisation of the story, but the aerial view falls short in quality. Music by Bijibal is good and rises to meet the movie's nature. A well-worked screenplay having the same amount of humour that Sherlock Toms has would've created a more heightened entertainer.

Verdict: A decent fun ride with Biju Menon and team


2.5 2.5
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Sherlock Toms (aka) Sherlock Tomss

Sherlock Toms (aka) Sherlock Tomss is a Malayalam movie. Biju Menon, Miya George , Salim Kumar, Sohanlal, Srinda Ashab, Suresh Krishna, Vijaya Raghavan are part of the cast of Sherlock Toms (aka) Sherlock Tomss. The movie is directed by Shafi. Music is by Bijibal. Production by Prem Menon, cinematography by Alby, editing by Sajan and art direction by Sujith Raghav.