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Censor Rating : U
Pullikkaran Staraa (aka) Pullikkaran Stara review
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Production: B Rakesh
Cast: Asha Sarath, Deepti Sati, Innocent
Direction: Shyamdhar
Screenplay: Ratheesh Ravi, Shyamdhar
Story: Ratheesh Ravi
Music: M Jayachandran
Background score: M Jayachandran
Cinematography: Vinod Ilampally
Dialogues: Shyamdhar
Editing: Ranjan Abraham
Singers: Anne Amie, Shreya Jayadeep, Vijay Yesudas
Lyrics: B. K. Harinarayanan, M. R. Jayageetha, Santhosh Varma, Vinayak Sasikumar

Pullikkaran Staraa means 'he is a star' in Malayalam, and Mammootty is undoubtedly the Megastar of Malayalam cinema. The actor who has starred in more than 300 films in a career spanning over three decades unites with the '7th Day' director Shyamdhar in his second film 'Pullikkaran Staraa'.


7th Day, Shyamdhar's first film with Prithviraj in the lead role was a good thriller that had the backing of a good script and strong dialogues. Unfortunately 'Pullikkaran Staraa' has none of the pre-mentioned qualities to the extent one would expect from a young director of Shyamdhar's caliber. Many scenes which have no purpose in the path of the story reduces the impact of the whole movie.


Written by Ratheesh Ravi, 'Pullikkaran Staara' has a half-baked, wafer thin and unfocused screenplay that tells the story of Rajakumaran, an instructor from a teacher's training institute. He is a simple and good-hearted bachelor who finds it difficult to converse freely with women. What happens in Rajakumaran's life after he comes to Kochi forms the crux of the movie.


The shallow screenplay and dialogues limit the ability of every actor to continuously enthrall the audience with their comedy numbers. Apart from a few good jokes here and there, even Mammootty who has successfully handled comedy in the past appears to be wobbly. Dileesh Pothan and Innocent's characterisations are disappointing while Deepthi Sathi has done an average job. Asha Sarath has not much to perform but handles her role neatly.


Costumes play an important role in dulling down the atmosphere in the movie. Mammootty who is without any doubt the most handsome hero in Malayalam does not look natural in the movie as the colors of his Kurthas are very unnatural. The songs and the cinematography are average but merge well with the essence of the movie.


Negatives of the movie

* Lack of a strong plot
* Direction
* Unwanted and unconnected scenes
* Misplaced and song placements

Verdict: Pullikkaran Staara doesn't shine much as it looses focus in the screenplay.


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( 2.0 / 5.0 )



Pullikkaran Staraa (aka) Pullikkaran Stara

Pullikkaran Staraa (aka) Pullikkaran Stara is a Malayalam movie. Asha Sarath, Deepti Sati, Innocent are part of the cast of Pullikkaran Staraa (aka) Pullikkaran Stara. The movie is directed by Shyamdhar. Music is by M Jayachandran. Production by B Rakesh, cinematography by Vinod Ilampally, editing by Ranjan Abraham.