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Review By : Release Date : May 27,2016 Movie Run Time : 1 hour 53 minutes
Censor Rating : A
Phobia (aka) Phobia review
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Production: Viki Rajani
Cast: Radhika Apte
Direction: Pawan Kripalani
Screenplay: Viki Rajani
Story: Viki Rajani
Music: Daniel B George
Background score: Daniel B George
Dialogues: Viki Rajani
Distribution: Eros International, Next Gen Films

An empty apartment and a lonely girl. The story plot does sound familiar, isn’t it? But what’s appreciable is the fact that it is anything but usual. Radhika Apte has delivered a flawless performance and rules the frames with her screen presence. Be it the house or the leading lady, Phobia stays apart as one of its kind in this genre. Being the protagonist, Radhika is graceful and lives the character down to scratch.

The story is sprinkled with strange noises, unnecessary disruptions, laughter,  vintage props and peeling walls. Though putting a mentally ill person in isolation seems to be a not so brilliant idea, it is what paves way to the brilliant storytelling.  Radhika’s expressions and surrounding nerve wracking situations act as a catalyst in the whole process. Daniel’s background music provides the necessary interventions and has been utilised well. The narration is tight and gruelling and keeps you hooked throughout. There are moments when you might question the instances that are following. Even if you’re smart and far-sighted you will never be able to gauge how the story will end.

The leading lady’s presence and strange neighbours make the story even more raw that it actually is. Be it the vintage books or the slow zooming camera, each and every frame is built to raise your blood pressure by notches. The novel theme and unique concept will make you want to sit through the movie no matter what. It is appreciable that the crew has taken up a story that doesn't revolve around the usual stuff of death, ladies in white sarees, graveyard and revenge. Also the highly unexpected change in the second half will make you sit on the edge of your seat peeling your eyes out.

It is fair enough to say that if not for Radhika’s performance, the story would have been lagging out in portions. She carries the story in her shoulders literally and otherwise. The cons revolve around the symbolism and uncanny climax that leave you questioning your existence as well (pun-intended). Special mention for the connect between the beginning and the end. The director’s profound way of connecting queer elements is top notch. Figurative elements in the story are remarkable and wake up the aesthetic artist in you. In short director Pavan Kripalani has ingeniously baked a nectar from heaven. There are numerous nail biting moments in and around the frames and is no surprise that the story keeps you hooked throughout.

Phobia is unconventional and keeps you guessing. If you’re someone who prefers eerie movies with totally unexpected twists, then this is just the one for you.

Verdict: If Phobia was devoid of logical lapses, it would have been a true winner of making us believe in the unknown
( 3.0 / 5.0 )


Phobia (aka) Phobia

Phobia (aka) Phobia is a Hindi movie with production by Viki Rajani, direction by Pawan Kripalani. The cast of Phobia (aka) Phobia includes Radhika Apte.