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The Mummy (aka) Tom Cruise's The Mummy review
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Production: Alex Kurtzman, Chris Morgan, Sarah Bradshaw, Universal Pictures
Cast: Annabelle Wallis, Courtney B. Vance, Jake Johnson, Russell Crowe, Sofia Boutella, Tom Cruise
Direction: Alex Kurtzman
Screenplay: Christopher McQuarrie , David Koepp, Dylan Kussman
Story: Alex Kurtzman, Jenny Lumet, Jon Spaihts
Music: Brian Tyler
Background score: Brian Tyler
Cinematography: Ben Seresin
Dialogues: Alex Kurtzman

The Mummy 2017 is a fantasy adventure film with a fair share of thrilling moments. It was marketed as a horror movie but has a lot of other elements in it. Starring Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella and Anabelle Wallis, the casting has some big names to boast of. It starts off with Nick played by Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson who are thieves and always on the look-out to loot something or the other.

As for the story, the crux of Alex Kurtzman’s Mummy is based on an  Egyptian princess who has been deleted from the history books deliberately. In an accidental situation, Tom sets this princess free while intruding a chamber. In doing so, they eventually anger the gods and get cursed. Tom plays a character with grey shades but is good at heart.

The problem or conflict in the movie arises when a statue of the princess is taken out of its chamber by Tom and the forces. Everything comes with a price and fate has other plans for the fun character Nick and everything around him seems to be a mystery. How he solves this and what the princess wants from him forms the crux of the story.

The Mummy 2017 is technically brilliant and has some really good visual effects. However, the movie throws a lot of 'surprise' moments that are meant to be scary but, these have to be enhanced by the superior sound design as most of these moments are slightly predictable.

A scene that was remarkably shot was the plane crash which was both realistic as well as larger than life. Tom survives this plane crash and starts to see imagine and hallucinates. Right from the first few scenes, there is some level of sacrifice that does not follow any justification and hence never gets the emotional connect intended. The purpose of the movie is not solid  and as an audience, you are puzzled as to which exactly is the theme or focus of the film.

The flashback can easily be termed as the main drawback of the film as it is not just confusing, but also very loose and comes in patches leaving no impact at all. Even though the first half is a little engaging, the second half is more of a cat and mouse game between zombie like creatures and Tom with a not very interesting plot. This leaves us with a half baked Mummy that is neither within the coffin nor completely out of it. Towards the climax, there is rush to the finish and hence lacks the punch or bang, to excite the audiences.

The Mummy, has some really good performances from both Tom and his friend played by Jake Johnson. This character is pretty funny and serves as relief in patches. Even the other characters are cast aptly but with a not so interesting theme to back up these performances, the engagement is slightly off the dart.

Overall, for those who wish to watch a movie with action packed high intensity chase scenes and stunts with minimal importance to the story or suspense, The Mummy could be a decent watch. But for others who would expect fantasy, adventure and moments of thrill shouldered by some content, it is definitely a slight letdown.

Verdict: Even the likes of Tom Cruise cannot keep The Mummy's experimentation and engagement afloat!


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The Mummy (aka) Tom Cruise's The Mummy

The Mummy (aka) Tom Cruise's The Mummy is a English movie. Annabelle Wallis, Courtney B. Vance, Jake Johnson, Russell Crowe, Sofia Boutella, Tom Cruise are part of the cast of The Mummy (aka) Tom Cruise's The Mummy. The movie is directed by Alex Kurtzman. Music is by Brian Tyler. Production by Alex Kurtzman, Chris Morgan, Sarah Bradshaw, Universal Pictures, cinematography by Ben Seresin.